Enamels (colors)

Enamels (colors) - Michael Laventzakis' Handmade Ceramics in Chania

We are the official representative of the Gernan company Reimbold & Strick in Greece. We sell ceramic enamels and engobes all over Greece. For more info you can visit the following link…. Link: www.laventzakis.gr.

Certification of non use of toxic substances.

The enamels we use on our handmade ceramics are non toxic and electrically high-fired at 1060° C.

Our ceramics are made according to ΕΝ 1388-1 standards and 84/500 Ε.U. guidance and the lead and kadmium levels DO NOT EXCEED THE PERMITTED LEVELS according to laboratory trials by EBETAM- MIRTEC.

No toxic